When travelling abroad on holiday, there are a number of factors that can have a major impact on your enjoyment. Some of these factors you can control, others will be out of your reach. Here are 10 such possible scenarios that may affect your holiday satisfaction.

1. Missing your flight – If you are delayed on your route to the airport and end up missing your flight’s check-in time, you may end up stuck at the airport waiting for availability on another flight and out of pocket trying to salvage the trip. Plan your journey as thoroughly as you can and leave plenty of time to get to the airport on time.

2. Delayed flight – You may not be able to do much about a delayed flight, but it can certainly have a big impact on the start of your holiday. In extreme circumstances, it could result in you missing a huge chunk of your first day.

3. Arriving in the middle of the night – Whether it’s as the result of your poor selection during the booking process or a delayed flight, a flight that lands in the very early hours can result in you losing sleep and feeling fatigued for the first few days of your trip.

4. Lost luggage – If your luggage doesn’t travel on the same plane, it could be days or even weeks before you get it back. That can leave you in the same clothes as you’ve travelled in and without some essentials, such as currency, sun cream and toiletries. This can add expense to your trip and stop you from being able to relax. While there’s little you can do, it’s often worth labelling your case with additional info about its destination or, at the very least, your home address.

5. Long transfers – There’s nothing worse than stepping off your plane, only to step aboard a coach that then proceeds to take two hours to get to a hotel on the other side of a tiny island. It may be worth considering whether a taxi or private hire car could be a better way to start your holiday.

6. Bad hotel – If you get to your hotel and it’s not what you expected, it could change what you were hoping for from the holiday. Whether it’s the room, the view, the pool or the location that’s a problem, it can all have a bearing. To give yourself the best chance of avoiding this sort of problem, do plenty of research and read reviews of your hotel before you book.

7. Bad resort – You should also do plenty of research about your resort and what it has to offer. If you’re looking for a relaxing week with gorgeous sandy beaches, the last thing you will want is a party town with a pebble beach. Review sites are a great way to find out what other travellers have experienced at the resort.

8. Bad weather – You can’t do anything about it, but it certainly affects how much you enjoy your holiday. All you can do is pick a time of year and location that’s all but guaranteed glorious weather and hope for the best. Oh, and be prepared to find alternative ways to make the most of your break.

9. Food not up to standard – Whether it’s at the hotel or at restaurants around your resort, this could be a major blow. One of the things that many people most look forward to on holiday is the fresh, local cuisine, so it can be very disappointing if that’s in short supply. Research before you go may help.

10. Holiday accidents – By far the worst thing that can happen on your break is to suffer a holiday accident. From tripping on broken steps and slipping on wet floors to accidents on excursions or on the road, the impact can be disastrous – especially if your holiday injury is severe. It can not only ruin your holiday, but also leave you with long-term physical and financial problems. Take care throughout your holiday and make sure you remember it for all the right reasons.

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