There are a million variations of the same two options, and I’ve heard them all from everyone. Let’s review :

  1. a) I play better online than I do in Live Action. (see Otis)
  2. b) I play better Live than I do online. (see JMC Automatic)

I’m sure one of the two applies to you. It’s NL texas sbo and the RULES don’t change. So why does the venue matter so much?

ESPN’s beleagured pro Jackpot Jay says he thinks online games are far superior. He likes the speed and the good ole peace and quiet. I also suspect Jay ain’t the social type.

BadBlood prefers the Live action games. Probably because he BUILT the damn table. For some reason, he actually IS better at live games. I feel like I’m pretty dang hard to put on a hand. I mix it up fairly well. BadBlood reads me clean about 90% on the time. I plan to get him drunk and find out how he does it.

Now, clearly, the two venues are very different. We see far more hands online. You could argue that this benefits a less patient player because, while we’re still seeing the same percentage of playable hands, there is less time between them.

You could make the case that online play involves fewer “tells”. True, there is less visible information, but I suspect the vast majority of players who prefer one style over the other aren’t really using this added information anyway. I aslo suspect most players aren’t playing at live games where their opponents are gathering much either.

Perhaps the level of concentration is a factor. There are fewer distractions online. At least, there are fewer distractions if you’re unmarried and without children..but I digress.

Outside of bloggers, who always drink too much, the online player is more likely to be sober. Live players often will have a few “social” drinks which will often cloud their judgement. But many of the players I know who say they play better LIVE are also LIVE drinkers. Do they play better with muddled minds? If so the famous COSTANZA THEORUM applies.

Is it because the opponents are better/worse in one venue? I doubt that’s true. From my experience there are about the same percentage of fish and solid players in a well-selected game…no matter where you play it.

There really should be no difference. But there is? Why? I scratch my dandruff, and think.

I used to be one of those who always said I’m better LIVE. I think that’s because I played live less often and had a shoddier method of tracking my wins and losses.

I TOOK $700.00 – Cigarettes – tokes – tips + wins – losses – dinner + money

drunk silly Otis dropped on the floor – money drunk silly G-Rob lost at

blackjack = whatever?

Now I’m not so sure. I’ve been profitable at both, though my win rate is slightly higher live right now. I wonder though, which game most people would say they prefer. And why?