Majorca’s 5 Best Holiday Beaches

Majorca is definitely a tourist hotspot, especially in recent years, mainly down to the beautiful climate, variety of attractions and sights, and above all, the beautiful and conveniently located beaches on the island. It has always been a very popular beach vacation spot, especially to the English, French and German, and has been a tourist […]

5 Things I Hate About Holiday Money

I love going on holiday, and I look forward to my annual break as much as everybody else. If you are travelling abroad, however, it does involve quite a lot of planning and preparation, particularly on the financial front. Even the most seasoned and well-prepared traveller can suffer annoyance, frustration and downright muddle when it […]

10 Scenarios That Can Ruin Your Holiday Abroad

When travelling abroad on holiday, there are a number of factors that can have a major impact on your enjoyment. Some of these factors you can control, others will be out of your reach. Here are 10 such possible scenarios that may affect your holiday satisfaction. 1. Missing your flight – If you are delayed […]