I don’t know everything about your life, but I do know a few things.  First off, I know that you like poker.  In fact you like it so much that you actually seek out extra news coverage of poker, and incidentally you’ve found a great site for that!  I also know that if you like to PLAY poker in addition to reading about it, you’d probably jump at the chance to play in a WPT Event.  What if that event was being held in a great venue like the Borgata or the lovely Mediterranean island of Malta?  I’m guessing you’d like that, too, and if all of those things are true for you AND you’re a regular player at Bwin Poker, then you’re in luck. The site is running a great promo series for those WPT Events from now through the 4th of September.

With only two weekends left in this series, it’s important that you know the basics.  WPT Borgata/Malta satellites are running for as little as $2.20.  Win one of those qualifiers, and you’ll have earned a $320 seat in a tournament that pays out WPT Prize packages to the winner(s)!  Those $320 satellites are being held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 20:00 (GMT +2), so please adjust for your local time.  If you win a seat through a $320 event, you’re in!  You’ll have your choice of $8,000 WPT Seats to play at either the Borgata or Malta events later this year.


It is very important as a player to note a few of the “fine print” details on this promotion.  First off, while you do get $8,000 for either package, it is not distributed identically, mostly due to varying buy-ins and travel costs for the live Main Events.  If you choose to go to Malta, you’ll receive a $5,050 buy-in, $2,050 for lodging/accommodation, and $900 for travel expenses, which may or may not cover your travel in full.  If you choose to come to Atlantic City for the Borgata event, you’ll receive a $3,500 tournament buy-in, $1,500 for lodging, and $3,000 for travel expenses and spending money.  The choice of events is yours to make, just note that the fees covered are not the same in both cases.  Also, you must be 18 or older to attend and play WPT Malta, and 21 or older to attend and play togel Singapore Borgata.


With a flurry of activity on Bwin sure to continue as players scramble for seats, you’ve got a great chance between now and next weekend to win a great live tournament poker package.  If you’re a Bwin player already we hope you enjoy this promotion. If you’re not, why not get started and win your seat today?  Good Luck at the Tables!