1. Do not post before reading what everyone else is saying first, or you may find yourself ostracized.

Ok, that started out as a witty satirical piece I started after reading only Jordan’s and BG’s posts on blogging from earlier this week (I am way, way behind). But, it went nowhere after that. Probably because I haven’t read what everyone else has said.

What can I say, I am the ultimate follower.


So, I’m tooling around with indo slot 88, trying to determine just how far behind I really am when I click the wrong button and every post comes up in my window, thus marking them all read.

Yeah, I know I can tell bloglines to give me everything from the last X hrs. But, frankly, I know that 90% is going to be stuff I would have just skimmed through anyway. No, I won’t tell you which 90%, and no, the “list” you’re on has no bearing at all. It’s strictly tied to what I find interesting today.

Because it’s all about me, baby.

Then it hit me. I’ll bet 90%… 95%… ok, 98% of the people that come to my little slice of the universe skim through what I read. It’s not the same 98% every day. They just look to see if what I wrote today is interesting to them today, then move on.

“See ya tomorrow, BSN…”

(20 gay points to anyone that types that into my comments)

(50 gay points if you blog it)

Anyway, do you get it? You might have 10 readers or 200. Most of them aren’t interested in what you wrote today. They are interested in you and like what you write from time to time, which is why they keep checking back. I know I’ve got blogs over there to the right that I linked to because I like the first post I saw, and haven’t seen anything else worth the time since then (No, I’m not talking about you. Really.), but I still (try) take to take a few seconds each day to click the bloglines link and check them out, see how they’re doing today (this week, notwithstanding). Most of the time, I wind up skimming.

Yeah, I’m starved for (semi) adult communication. Pathetic, at the very least. Compulsive, at the worst.


The first poker blog I ever found was Al’s. It took me 3 months to work up the nerve to look for another one.


So, the diet is going well. I’m in blogging more regularly now over at RunFatAssRun. Down a number of pounds, and I’m hooked up with Fat Dan, Hoff, and Falstaff for the Pizza Money Pool challenge.

Oh, you think you can take me?

Bring it on, bitches. You’re dead money to the big man. Weigh in is Monday. Be there or be fat, lardass.*