The man famously bluffed by Chris situs online , the man who likes the feel of an unlit cigarette in his mouth, the man who sits at the high stakes table with the likes of Doyle and Chan will be in Acadiana this weekend.

My favorite poker room is hosting its annual $250,000 Seven Clans Poker Cup and Sammy Farha is a special guest. I’ve heard he’s getting a little something extra to come play (and it may be more than a little) and there might be a big bounty on his head (maybe as big as $10,000).

The tournament is two flights, Friday and Saturday, with the top ten from each flight playing on Sunday. Sammy will be playing in the first flight on Friday. The entry fee is $1000 but I’m hearing the event might already be sold out, so if you’re hoping to sit down with Sammy, you’ll have to try to catch him in a cash game.

I’ve also heard he’ll only play at table one which is in the back corner and can be blocked off by a heavy curtain. No word yet on the limits, but I’d imagine he won’t be playing the $300 max NL game. The biggest game played at the Coushatta is generally a $5/$10 no max buy in NL game that’s sometimes a split game with PLO.

I’m going to try and get there this weekend and through some of my contacts, maybe I can get a little time with Sammy. If I do, I’ll certainly report it here. I’m not playing in the tourney. I tried to satellite in, but was on the receiving end of a tough suckout heads up. And since I’m already buying myself into the WSOP Circuit Event in New Orleans, I don’t want to spend $1000 twice.

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