I “took a shot” (well within my bankroll) over the weekend and ran insanely hot. No, I didn’t get a ton of great hands, but I won the races I had to win and didn’t make many mistakes. 3 shots and 3 wins at the poker-crack $22 Turbo SNG tables at Full Tilt.

Note to self: Refresh yourself with your Harrington books more often.

No, I’m not worried about writing about it jinxing me. I have no plans to play again until next weekend due to workload, except for a Blogger Tournament or two if I’m still conscious when they start. And we all know I’m dead money in those, so it isn’t going to hurt.

Iggy and Portia and Ellen and Cheryl

Inquiring minds want to know:

Why was Iggy given to slot onlain DeRossi and Ellen Degeneres, who then decided to pass him around to their friends?

If he was highly-trainable, smart, and enthusiastic, did he get too smart and too enthusiastic for Portia and Ellen?

Was it becuse he didn’t respond well to neutering? That’s bound to happen, you know, nature of the surgery and all…

What kind of sick people are these, treating the Blogfather like some dog they can just turn out when they tire?

Big Announcement

The videos I’ve posted have always been the most popular posts here at BigSlickNuts. By a mile, really.

About 6 months ago, I bought the domain name bigslicknutspokerblog.com, just to keep someone from grabbing it and playing like they were me, but I never did anything with it. I didn’t want to migrate from this cozy spot and deal with the headaches, so I was fine with letting it sit parked.

A month or so ago, I got the bright idea to take this non-performing url and put it together with what I know is fairly popular poker content, great poker videos, and Big Slick Nuts Best of the Poker Videos was born. I’ve been posting videos in the following categories:

How To


Poker Cheats

Poker Strategy

TV Poker


Hope you’ll drop by and check it out. Don’t worry, this is still my primary poker blog, where I’ll be doing all of my poker-related writing, but I thought it might be cool to have a specialty poker blog also. If your employer blocks video, I’ve found I’m usually able to access them through Google Reader, so you may want to subscribe. I’m just saying… 😉

Feel free to drop me a comment here or over there and let me know what you think. Although, if you comment over there, I use a wordpress plugin that makes your website links ‘dofollow’ once you’ve posted 3 comments. Just a way to reward regulars, at the same time as keeping spammers at bay.