If you have never traveled to Australia then I would like to recommend that you visit this wonderful and exciting country. Australia happens to be a country of contrasts. The scenery in Australia is completely different then what one finds elsewhere around the globe. Once you landing Australia you will quickly discover that there exists and endless supply of exciting places for you to visit. One particularly popular attraction is the Australian Zoo.

If you have never heard of the Australian Zoo then you should really research it as this is one of the finest zoological attractions in the world. The Australia Zoo is located in Queensland near Australia’s Glass House Mountains. This is actually a private zoo owned by Terri Irwin. Terri Irwin is the widow of the late Steve Irwin better known as the Crocodile hunter.

You would be hard pressed to locate anyone who has not heard of the Crocodile Hunter television series. Steve Irwin was commonly known as the crocodile hunter on this popular television series which appeared not only in Australia but was a popular series here in America as well. The Crocodile Hunter is what made the Australian Zoo so popular. The Zoo was first opened in the year 1970 by Lyn and Bob Irwin when at the time it was commonly refered to as the Beerwah Reptile Park.

In 1991 Steve Irwin took on the management responsibility for the zoo and in 1992 the zoo was renamed Australia Zoo. If you are an animal lover then you are certain to enjoy this beautiful collection of Australia animals and reptiles. Amongst the collection of reptiles in captivity at the Australia Zoo you will discover iguanas, bearded dragons and different types of monitors, snakes and a vast assortment of other reptiles. In addition you will find the zoo is home to Kangaroos, monkeys and other native Australian animals. Nor can we forget to include the crocodiles which make their home on the grounds of the Australia Zoo.

At one time the Australia Zoo was the home to a Galapagos Tortoise who’s named was Harriet. Harriet was claim to fame was that she was known for being the oldest chelonian in existence. Harriet died on June 23 of 2006 and at eh time of her death she was 176 years old.

We firmly believe that one of the reasons that Australia is such a great place to visit is because of the famous Australia Zoo. However, don’t expect to spend all your time at the zoo since after your visit there you are certain to want to enjoy the additional attractions found around the country of Australia. You and your family can readily count on your visit to Australia as being fun and exciting.