vadka Takes Down FTOPS XI Event#19 — Deepstacked 6-MAX NLHE Shoot Out

Another great 토토 꽁머 event is in the books, and we have another big-money winner. Today was a particularly special one, because it was a deepstacked 6-max shootout event; essentially a deepstacked sit-n-go, 6-max, with the winner advancing to the next 6-max sit-n-go, and so on. So basically, to win this thing, you would need to be the literal last man standing out of a number of separate sit-n-go matches.

Tonight’s event was hosted by Brad Booth. Brad, aside from countless poker accolades, is probably best remembered for being the guy who pushed Phil Ivey off KK with 42s during an episode of High Stakes Poker in Season 3.


All the big names of Full Tilt Poker made their presence felt, including among many, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Erich Kollmann, Huck Seed, Jeff Madsen, Lee Watkinson and Trond Eidsvig.

The toughest 6 who made it to today’s final table were:




Jedi AllStar



As explained before, due to the peculiar tournament format, the action was not as fast and furious as it usually is and that was because of the chipstacks. Everybody started out the final table with approximately the same amount of chips as they won on the previous table, which in this case was approximately 600K in chips, give or take 9K, with the blinds starting at 3000/6000/750 ante.

After almost half an hour of playing, there was finally an elimination. Player discomonkey was the first casualty of the Final Table, earning himself $8,654,40 for his efforts. After being heavily crippled a hand before after runing into vadka’s straight AND doubling up Jedi AllStar a hand before that, discomonkey got himself into the infamous cooperation play featuring vadka and boNeZee. The hand went as follows:

Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold’em Tournament, 6,000/12,000 Blinds, 1,500 Ante, 6 Players

discomonkey (CO): 21,450

Jedi AllStar (BTN): 518,600

vadka (SB): 1,584,800

boNeZee (BB): 753,400

dOwnosaur (UTG): 260,950

PickingYouApart (MP): 466,800

Pre-Flop: (27,000)

discomonkey raises to 19,950 and is All-In, vadka calls 13,950, boNeZee calls 7,950

Flop: (68,850) 7♣ 8♠ 8♦ (3 Players – 1 is All-In)

vadka checks, boNeZee checks

Turn: (68,850) T♦ (3 Players – 1 is All-In)

vadka checs, boNeZee bets 36,000, vadka calls 36,000

River: (140,850) J♦ (3 Players – 1 is All-In)

vadka checks, boNeZee checks

Results: 140,850 Pot

discomonkey showed K♣ 2♣ (a pair of Eights) and LOST (-21,450 NET)

vadka showed 9♣ 2♥ (a straight, Jack high) and WON 140,850 (+83,400 NET)

boNeZee showed T♠ A♣ (two pair, Tens and Eights) and LOST (-57,450 NET)

discomonkey was also the last player to cash under the 5 figures, which meant all other players were guaranteed to take home at least $10,000 for their $322 plus about 10 hours of investment. Definitely not bad!

PickingYouApart was next to go in 5th place. He chose a good spot to push but unfortunately ran into vadka’s pocket rockets, that for once held up.

Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold’em Tournament, 8,000/16,000 Blinds, 2,000 Ante, 5 Players

Jedi AllStar (SB): 798,275

vadka (BB): 1,392,225

boNeZee (UTG): 704,350

dOwnosaur (CO): 483,900

PickingYouApart (BTN): 227,250

Pre-Flop: (34,000)

2 folds, PickingYouApart raises to 225,250 and is All-In, Jedi AllStar folds, vadka calls 209,250

Flop: (468,500) 8♥ 7♣ 9♥ (2 Players – 1 is All-In)

Turn: (468,500) K♥ (2 Players – 1 is All-In)

River: (468,500) 3♠ (2 Players – 1 is All-In)

Results: 468,500 Pot

vadka showed A♠ A♣ (a pair of Aces) and WON 468,500 (+241,250 NET)

PickingYouApart showed 6♥ 6♠ (a pair of Sixes) and LOST (-227,250 NET)

PickingYouApart picked up $12,621 for his performance tonight, so congratulations!

As the action continued, it did not take long before dOwnosaur was eliminated in 4th place, collecting $18,030 for his efforts. dOwnosaur started pushing more than his fair share of hands, and eventually ran into Jedi AllStar’s pocket eights while holding Q♣ 7♣

Full Tilt Pokr, NL Hold’em Tournament, 10,000/20,000 Blinds, 2,500 Ante, 4 Players

Jedi AllStar (BTN): 1,179,550

vadka (SB): 1,408,700

boNeZee (BB): 702,150

dOwnosaur (UTG): 315,600

Pre-Flop: (40,000)

dOwnosaur raises to 313,100 and is All-In, Jedi AllStar raises to 1,177,050 and is All-In, 2 folds

Flop: (666,200) 4♦ J♥ K♣(2 Players – 1 is All-In)

Turn: (666,200) J♣ (2 Players – 1 is All-In)

River: (666,200) 6♥ (2 Players – 1 is All-In)

Results: 666,200 Pot

Jedi AllStar showed 8♦ 8♣ (two pair, Jacks and Eights) and WON 666,200 (+350,600 NET)

dOwnosaur showed 7♣ Q♣ (a pair of Jacks) and LOST (-315,600 NET)

Congratulations, and also gg!

There was just one more elimination to go until the heads-up play for first prize and the title which goes down in history. Sadly, Jedi AllStar would have to wait for another opportunity to try and win an FTOPS event, as he was sadly eliminated in 3rd place. Well, “sadly” seems to be a relative term, since after all he will earn $26,395.92 for his efforts tonight!